The are so many forms of advertising, especially in this ever-changing, thriving digital age. One method is direct mail. When done correctly (and creatively) it is a sure-fire way to garner interest in your brand. Direct mailing has been around for decades. It is pretty straight forward, it could consist of a leaflet, poster artwork, or anything that can fit through a door letter box. Nowadays direct mail advertising can take on various shapes and sizes. From 3D pop-up pieces to DMs with branded freebies. It can open up a whole new dimension of innovative advertising and design. Being able to create a stand-out DM isn’t easy. A lot of thought and effort would have to go into it. A lot of people who receive direct mailers through their letterbox will treat them like they’re CVs. Like any employer, it takes about 30 seconds or less to decided whether a potential candidate is worth interviewing. Direct mailer isn’t too different. All it takes is a couple of seconds for people to decide whether to pay further attention or not. And this is where the ingenuity and creative charm comes in. D&AD have complied a list of what they think is the best direct mail campaigns that have circulated in the past 10 years.


This is just one of the examples, one of the better ones actually. WVRST’s ‘Sausage Party Invite’ Mailer. This is GENIUS! It’s clever and tongue-in-cheek. You can check out more of D&AD’s top direct mailers here. You can also check out our new ‘Direct Mail’ imageboard on our Pinterest too.

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