Technical specifi cations

Video, music and animation DigitalEdition© can integrate any type of multimedia content, for example, presentation videos, 3D product or animated graphics are all possible.

Secure access With secure access, you can publish your magazine online and, thanks to DigitalEdition©, only your subscribers will be able to see it. You can also prevent any chance of your publication being pirated by disabling the PDF Export and Print functions.

E-commerce All the products in your DigitalEdition© catalogue can be linked directly to the corresponding page on your e-commerce site.

E shop A shopping basket can be embedded in your DigitalEdition©.

Tabs With embedded tabs, the user has direct access to every part of your brochure.

No special plugin needed DigitalEdition© uses Flash Reader, currently used by 99.5% of digital devices and gives the option to install the Flash Reader if required.

Compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry DigitalEdition© automatically detects smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and provides the right version of Flash or HTML 5.

Quality Adjustment The quality of the images are optimised according to the customers internet connection and type of image.

Optimised Loading DigitalEdition© loads each page separately and continually. Which means that while your customer is reading a page, subsequent pages are loading in the background, making them immediately available.

Standard Server DigitalEdition© does not need a special server or database and can simply be placed on your current Internet server.

Optional features