Maybe it’s because too much going on work-wise or maybe it’s because the 2015 Election seems a bit quite lacklustre. Either way there hasn’t really been that much of an ‘electrifying’ election build-up. In between TV debates and what-not, I’m not really sure who’s up or down on the polls.

Only online am I really exposed to what’s going on more than anywhere else. Whether it’s on the BBC or Twitter, the political presence from all parties involved is much more stronger than last election. The reasoning is so obvious, we’re living in a social media crazed time.

Because guess what? Nowadays platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are much more dominant and persuasive than television and radio, particularly for the Millennial and Z generations. The parties have done everything from talk about their policies, to slating their competitors to creating viral hits (or misses). Now I came across CAB Studios insightful piece “Can Digital Marketing Predict Who Will Win The 2015 Election?” and it’s good! It’s analytical, engaging and totally no bias – they had to point that out in case anyone got offended, which does happen. Saying that, we’re totes neutral too!

CAB looks at who would potentially come out on top via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and SEO. Their results? Surprisingly not that shocking when you really think about it. And then comes that second realisation of how online marketing is so essential, that you’d be nuts to not take it seriously. It is the Digital Age after all.


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