Did you know people typically spend less than 15 seconds scanning a website?

In contrast, people spend up to 6 minutes reading Digital Edition Brochures – and frequently return to check information.

After all, we have all learnt to read in a linear fashion, so reading left to right and turning a page comes naturally, rather than scanning blocks of text from top to bottom.

This means with a Digital Edition Brochure, your customers will be engaging with your brand messaging in a far more immersive and interactive way.

What’s more, not only can you track the number of readers, the time they spending reading and the device they are using, you can also analyse the content they are interested in by looking at ‘hot spots’ through your brochure.

See for yourself in our Digital Editions© Brochure Demo.

Or click of one of the Digital Edition Brochures below.


I’m sure you’ll agree Digital Edition Brochures have incredible potential, here are just some of the standard features:

• Responsive design (so they work on mobile and tablets)
• Send to a friend – your message gets passed to family and friends
• Social media sharing
• Full screen video, music and animation – immersive experience
• Interactive content
• Lead generation forms
• Vector graphics – no more poor pixelation images
Visitor statistics and behaviour tracking
• Integrated with your Google Analytics

Hydropool Digital Edition Brochure

Used in the right way, you can turn the thousands of passing visitors to your website into receptive prospects.

Like to know how? Fill in the form to request a free demonstration.

Chinasearch Digital Edition Brochure

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