Back before the end of 2017, we had completed a digital brochure for Pearson. The immersive education division of the brand is responsible for creating inventive tools and hi-tech techniques that changes the way people absorb information. This includes:

  1. Digitising course content so that it can be accessed by learners at any time no matter where they are in the world.
  2. Using Virtual Reality to place learners in a completely different virtual environment and give them the chance to practise specific skills and tasks while still in the classroom.
  3. Bringing an array of subjects to life with cutting-edge interactive 3D holograms.

They had wanted to create a short digital edition of their Pearson Immersive brochure, featuring a number of explainer videos, including a 360 video link. You can view their digital brochure right here.

Digital Brochures: Pearson Immersive Digital Brochures: Pearson Immersive

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