I remember first seeing Deadpool’s character (played by Ryan Reynolds) back in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and for me, as well as a whole lot of people, the breakout star was irrefutably Deadpool. Boy was slick, sassy, sarcastic, skilled and a tad bit sadistic. Ever since Reynolds portrayal of the peculiar character in that movie, there was always talk about giving him his own film. And its finally happened. For what is sure to be a blinder of a film, its the tongue-in-cheek marketing strategy that has caught my attention.


Deadpool's Killer Marketing

I don’t know how I managed to miss so many previews, images and marketing gimmicks promoting the 2016 R-rated action film for the past couple of months. All I remember was seeing the trailer (so badass) and seeing the promo image below.


LOL! I love it, Deadpool is a bit of a rare-breed in the Marvel universe. Some would say he’s damaged goods and just a perverted little sh*thead. But he has comedy value in spades and even though they may be on the risque side of things, the marketing team tapped into that quality of Deadpool’s and really ran with it! Have a look at some of the promo images that have been circulating the past couple of weeks promoting the film’s release.



Deadpool's Killer Marketing






I’m quite jealous of 20th Century Fox’s marketing team! They must have had so much fun creating these promos, especially with the ’12 days of Deadpool’ campaign. Good grief, Deadpool’s starting to remind me of a certain skilled spy who isn’t altogether in the head. The daily promo releases resulted in a new movie trailer at the end of it on Christmas Eve.

That campaign in particular is sheer-genius! It’s the kind of advertising that you’d only be able to freely circulate if you were competing for a Chip Shop Award. It’s cleverly naughty and sets the tone for the film brilliantly. And they’ve really covered their bases, from social media and agile marketing, to billboards & videos. Actually going through these images makes me want to see the film now. Yes yes, I’ve bought into the hype. I mean if the advertising is this good, surely its worth seeing right?


Deadpool's Killer Marketing


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Written by: JR

Pics: 20th Century Fox Studios/Marvel Studios

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