Creative Teams meets Marvel

Off the back of the phenomenal climax of the Avengers series with Endgame, We Are Social , a French agency had created a series of logos based on the idea of creative individuals and teams being superheroes. Or at least branded as such.

WAS created a noteworthy Instagram campaign that highlighted all the effort, love and yes superpowers that are needed in some of the most irreplaceable job roles in the advertising industry. Pairing up job roles like Social Media Manager, Motion Designer and Strategic Planner against the likes of the Hulk, Iron Man and Doctor Strange for example. It’s all very creative and cunning!

Everything is more fun with heroes, so we really hope our fellow creatives, planners, technologists and managers enjoy our backstage look at advertising and how incredible each and every role is.” said Sandrine Plasseraud, co-founder and president at We Are Social France.

There’s something about this campaign that appeals to my inner-geek. Also it gives a different perspective into all the varied advertising industry roles and how they can be invigorating and innovative (as well as important). Bravo WeAreSocial! Il est bien fait!

You can check out the awesome Instagram campaign series below, each with an explantation of each job role from WAS.

Motion Designer (IRON MAN)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-MotionDesigner

Technology, man… It can give you so much: a fake beating heart for Iron Man for example, or the power to discreetly slip a growling T-rex into Breakfast at Tiffany’s for a motion designer (why not?). Editing content, adding special effects, animating illustrations or type. . . what can’t you do?? At the end of the day, Iron Man and the motion designer are the same: two adults playing with their toys to save the world.

Data Analyst (BLACK PANTHER)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-DataAnalyst

Nothing gets you further than a passion for data analysis. Look at Wakanda. People’s ability to collect and interpret data (and vibranium but shhhhh, thanks) turned the hidden country into the most technologically advanced nation. The data analyst similarly has a key role in any advertising agency. They predict trends, put ineffective strategies back on track and draw insightful conclusions from reports. Just a hint: you have to love numbers. WAKANDA FOREVER!


Influencer Manager (ANT-MAN)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-InfluencerManager

Did you know that the less space an influencer manager takes up, the more powerful he/she becomes? This is what managing influencers is about: considering who the brand is, learning who influencers really are, matchmaking the perfect partnerships and then seamlessly let the relationship grow. But don’t you dare think your mission is over! You’ll always have to stay close in case of help needed, discreetly perched on the protagonists’ shoulders.


Account Manager (CAPTAIN MARVEL)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-AccountManager

The account manager has to be taken seriously. He/she writes presentations and creates cost estimations at LIGHTNING SPEED, he/she spends the day FLYING from one desk to another to pass information on, he/she has the SUPER STRENGTH to resist the most horrific pressure, He/she has the power within TO ANTICIPATE incoming issues and can PULVERIZE the doubts of clients with his/her powers of persuasion. Hail to the account managers! You’re too good for this world.


Creative Technologist (THOR: RAGNAROK)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-CreativeTechnologist

Uniting the wonders of technology with the creativity of an advertiser to create innovative digital experiments… That’s the createch spirit! These passionate pioneers of new professions are always working hard to push boundaries and get ahead of client competitors. If we’re totally honest, how they see themselves: Thor in Ragnarok – i.e. a mighty god fighting in the arena of agencies for the greater good. How we see them: a happy mix between David Droga and ‘Doc’ from Back to the Future.


Strategic Planner (DOCTOR STRANGE)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-StrategicPlanner

How many of you have brainstormed with a strategic planner? If you have, you’ll know. At first, you listen to them talk about trends, the brand DNA, the strategy, etc. But quickly, without knowing it, you’ve lost it. They’ve opened psychedelic portals in front of you, hoping you’ll jump in. Yes, sometimes talking to a strategic planner is like being invited to discover alternate realities. Or to do ayahuasca, your choice.


Producer (DAREDEVIL)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-StrategicPlanner

Do you know what an advertising producer and Daredevil have in common? They try to perform miracles with – most of the time – almost no money. And God bless these energetic negotiators, ruthlessly turning every stone, examining every service provider to make a campaign happen, to follow budgets and schedules all while respecting the creative. Not everybody (almost nobody in advertising, actually) has the wallet of Tony Stark.


Social Media Manager (THE HULK)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-SocialMediaManager

Social media managers are pretty chill dudes/dudettes. They get through their day shuffling between a various number of tasks (digital and marketing strategies, content creation, trendspotting, target analysis) with the funky vibe they get from our beloved internet. But don’t be fooled. There are times when they go into full-on Hulk mode. When there’s a communication crisis (or a live tweet), there’s no more chill or cool to go around. In these times of crisis, one piece of advice: get the hell out of there and don’t bother the beast.


Copywriter (LUKE CAGE)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-Copywriter

There are a million words in human languages. And using the same million words, we can make billions of sentences to express the complexity of our thoughts. But when it comes to expressing a vision in advertising, nothing beats a good old fashioned right hook. Looking for the perfect tagline? Clench your fists, let the most strategic and stylish words you know run through yours veins, get into position aaaaand… HIT! That’s what a good copywriter is all about: getting straight to the heart with no fear of using big words.


Art Directors (THE AVENGERS)

Creative Teams meets Marvel-WeAreSocial-ArtDirectors

The fight for beauty has no end. Whether they choose the path of graphic design or illustration, mass market or luxury, art directors have all sworn allegiance to one thing: the sacred craft. The beauty of this battle? They choose their own weapon – i.e. their own personal style.


Image/Copy Credits: WeAreSocial (via Creativepool)

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