Came across an article piece via DesignTAXI, about a TV spot featuring a cyborg (or android, depending on which school of thought you belong to). Instantly I was hooked by the article title and featured image and decided to look into it further. Now after reading/watching it, you may be thinking, “Oh yeah I kinda know robots exist to some sort of extent, but this? What the hell?! It looks so, so lifelike….What gives? ‘Who are Persona Synthetics?'” Well, I can’t spoil it. Watch the ‘Persona Synthetics’ TV advert below.


Did you google the web-link to click onto their website? If not, check it out here.

Makes sense now doesn’t it? I have to say, who ever came up with the idea of marketing the show as if it’s an actual product was an ingenious move! I guess in some shape or form, the TV show IS a product. Naturally people freaked out about it. (And equally praised it).

That last tweet though? Ebay? Really?!

Very impressive Channel 4, kudos! The ad stunt racked up to 100,000 searches on Google according to The Drum. It’s actually making me consider watching this show…despite certain technophobe hangups. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t watch it, these are the things that keep me up at night! Well that and 3am junk food cravings. See the series preview trailer below. The cyborgs are comin’ people!

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