Cost of TV Advertising

Cost of TV Advertising

TV advertising doesn’t have to mean big money. You don’t need thousands and millions to be able to advertise. Any myriad of companies, big, medium or small can commercially advertise on hundreds of TV channels across any region. You can choose to advertise nationally, regionally or even at a local level. You can choose to advertise across multiple channels or just one. With the ability to target your desired audience, calibrate the best viewing time slots and running cost-efficient campaigns, we can help you achieve your goals.

Normally TV airtime is purchased on a cost per thousand basis, which is set out by the largest commercial UK broadcaster, ITV. Advertising and media agencies then trade against this at a variation of discounts. However, one must be aware of the varied elements that can affect this cost, such as:

Regions – Broadcasters that include Sky TV, Channel 4 and ITV offer regional areas if you want to run smaller campaigns. All regions are different in their cost per thousand, for example to advertise in London would cost more than it would in Yorkshire.

Trading audience – yes, different audiences have different costs. This will vary depending on who you are targeting.

Targeted audiences – You can target your TV audience through a number of precise ways on specific channels. Whether its based on more generic targeting i.e. age, location or annual income, to more finesse targeting, i.e. Yummy Brummy Mummies. We can help you learn more about specifying your TV audiences.

Seasonality – Rates will vary depending on which month you wish to advertise. An example of this, the Post-Christmas – February period is low in cost, in comparison to April and May, which are much higher in cost.

Demand – Commodity will impact the overall cost of your campaign. The are a number factors involved, such as other advertisers within the marketplace and viewing data. Viewing can be on a daily basis affected by a number of things, such as weather. Naturally when the sun is out, people are out and about, as opposed to when it’s chucking it down outside.

Time of day – Which part of the day (or night), you choose to advertise will impact the overall cost, i.e. late peak TV times are naturally more costly than during working hours in the daytime.

Spot time length – CPT (also know as ‘cost per thousand‘) are based on 30 seconds, as the running standard. There are options to change the running time and will be charged at a ration according to your desired running time.

Channel Costs – Every channel comes with a varied costing structure. With our TV know-how in media buying over the past 20+ years, adsynergy has seen it all and will be able to give you the best footing you need, all with the relevant information and advice to help you maximise your TV presence and get maximum traction that will lead to new customers.

Want to know more? For general or specific information on the cost of TV advertising for your product and your target market, just contact us. You can give us a call on 01926 355 152 or send us an email here

Data/Image credits: Thinkbox TV/DigitalSpy

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