Classroom Carrots iPad App is launched!

we’re all delighted that Classroom Carrots iOS app has been released this week. we’ve spent a long time working with Classroom Carrots on perfecting their web based classroom rewards system and the iOS app is the jewel in the crown. as the use of the iPad becomes more and more prevalent in schools, having an iOS app is beneficial not only to Classroom Carrots but, more importantly, the teachers and pupils they are aiming to help.

you can download it now in the App Store!

we’ve produced a short video that gives a taster of how the app works.

We were also really happy to complete this project in partnership with One Result.

Keep an eye out for our next project!

About Classroom Carrots:

Classroom Carrots is an even better way to manage behaviour, motivate pupils and encourage engagement.

with just one click you can immediately enhance the fun and interactive experience of using printed stickers in your classroom. when you sign up for Classroom Carrots you receive 25 virtual stickers to try it out before you begin using their printed stickers.

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