Time for part 2 of another round up of this year’s Christmas adverts for 2015! After seeing the likes of Mulberry & Lidl’s great attempts and THAT advert everyone has been going on about non-stop, let’s see who else is about. In this post we’ll look at what other brands like Argos, TK Maxx and Marks & Spencers are saying in their own Christmas adverts this year.

There’s quite a fair few more videos in this post than the last one. If more Christmas adverts come out of the woodworks in the next few weeks then there may be a Pt. 3 post! Geez, picking just one best Christmas ad this year is gonna be tricky. It’s okay, I like a challenge *Sips mulled wine (wishes)*. Pt 1 sent the bar pretty damn high so let’s see how this lot of Christmas adverts fare.

Marks & Spencer

Verdict: M&S don’t usually shy away from putting out grandeur Christmas Adverts and this one is no exception. It’s very ‘lights, camera, action!’. I like it alot, with that familiar backing instrumental and the dancing, strutting and somersaulting. Very vibrant, fashionable and exciting. Hell, it’s actually making me that bit more hyped for the Holidays (my black heart is not happy about this). Good effort from the retailer.

Grade: A-



Verdict: I was really surprised by this ad. This is perhaps the best seasonal ad from Argos, like ever. It’s definitely better than last year’s attempt. I love the concept! All that white, the red smoke flares, the pandemonium of all the rush of skiers, snowboarders, snow-buggies and more. Definitely worth a watch, as I would categorise this Christmas advert as a pleasant contender.

Grade: A



Verdict: Lovely little advert from the German retailer. Typical festive cheer and fanfare, I do like some of the mish-mash of concepts, like the skater who turns out to be dancing on an iced cake. Nice touch with the vocals in the background. It’s nice to see Aldi back in on the Christmas TV advertising game. It may (arguably) not be their best but I do look forward to see what they do for next year.

Grade: B



Verdict: Didn’t expect much from this one. I was wrong. Damn. That dark horse Boots brought the GLAMOUR in this year’s Christmas ad. It’s like they took Santa’s workshop and Boots-ified it. Vibrant colours, good backing music and not an ugly person in sight. Seriously. Everyone in that video was either cute, hot or both. But I ain’t complaining, hey! Like I said, Boots brought the glamour this year. I quite liked it.

Grade: A



Verdict: I’m sensing a pattern here. Either I’m loosing my critical edge or this advert has actually impressed me. I think it’s the latter. Or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself. The concept of the advert is great, its subtle and yet evokes more than dancing, thumping music and all kinds of crazy can do. It’s a nice reminder of how this time of year, we do strive to find THAT gift that will put a smile on the receiver’s face. Because that’s what Christmas is supposed to be about right? A time to give and to share. Anything else is just window dressing.

Grade: A-



Verdict: My honest first reaction at the end of it? “Meh”. It was nice to include staff (at least I’d like to think they were actual shopfloor staff members) featured in the video and the food looks yummy. Other than that, it is quite forgetful. Doesn’t really leave a lasting impression on me.

Grade: C-



Verdict: Was it just me or did it look like Cadbury’s were having a go at taking Coca Cola’s ”Christmas Truck” crown? The concept isn’t half bad. I did like the use of the trucks, oversized holly & crackers and the reindeer did look adorable. The music does add a bit of a dramatic build up but the end of the video was a bit subpar. I was expecting a bit more but it’s not a bad effort from the chocolate maker at all.

Grade: B-


Harvey Nicols

Verdict: Hands up, who knows exactly how that girl was feeling? We’ve all been there. When we have to put on that FACE when we get gifts that are less than impressive and sometimes just down right bad! Girl was gritting her teeth and smiling for her LIFE! But it was a witty little reminder to all those who are Christmas shopping is to make sure you buy good, no GREAT gifts for your family & friends. And no, not gifts you would like, gifts they would like, thankyouverymuch.

Grade: B


Body Shop UK

Verdict: This made me howl! I was expecting just from the front video screenshot that it was going to take the ‘funny angle’ and Body Shop was not shy about it. It does get better as the video goes on and you even get to see a bit of cheeky bum too. Totally safe for work. I love the diverse group of people used in the video and that they sang in their respective native tongue. There’s even a charity factor in the advert too. Well done Body Shop!

Grade: A



Verdict: Another dark horse. I’ve never heard of intu before but this is a good Christmas advert from them. I mean, cute kids + Christmas = winning formula. I like how the kids imitate grown adults, its utterly adorable and funny.

Grade: B+


TK Maxx

Verdict: I see you TK Maxx. Using the whole ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ angle. How very ‘giving’ of you. All jokes aside, the whole love your neighbour message is a good reminder of how Christmas isn’t always the best of time for everyone. So if you can make someone’s Christmas that little bit more special, well why not? With all the crap that’s going on in today’s world, everyone would benefit from a little bit of festive cheer and love.

Grade: B-



Verdict: Interesting concept, with the use of animation, no voiceovers and pure instrumental backing. It gave me Nutcracker vibes. But I felt it fell kind of flat for me. Not saying its a bad advert, but I personally don’t think it was all that. Ah well. Two more ads to go!

Grade: C


Sky Movies

Verdict: I do look forward to the Sky Movies Christmas ads. Last year’s was great and I think this one may have topped it. Remember that feeling as a kid where you just imagine and submerge yourself into cartoons and movies, playing it out in your mind as if you’re a part of the journey? Maybe that’s why I like this advert. Over active imagination. Plus its quite clever how the put together footage of the girl interacting with characters from those TV movies. Nice job Sky.

Grade: B+


Lloyds Bank & Apple Pay

Verdict: Another ‘meh’ Christmas advert. No offence to Lloyds or Apple, I just found it kind of boring. Like we’ve seen this sort of thing so many times in so many different forms. Plus I think the buzzkill bit for me was the actual Apple Pay bit. Oops.

Grade: D-

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