Let’s be honest, who can resist a good glass (or bottle) of wine? It’s that time again where Christmas adverts have already stormed out of the starting blocks and are already making the rounds. I think the first one that caught my attention was ASDA’s Christmas advert. Having also noticed others like Lidl, Waitrose and CurrysPCWorld throw up their adverts too, I thought it would be time to start reviewing this year’s contenders. This year’s Christmas adverts post will be split into two this year. So I’ll review what’s out at the moment and what comes on later on I’ll review in the ‘Pt. 2’ post.

Time to watch and grade these festive bad boys.


Verdict: Vibrant and dancey. I wasn’t too sure about the backing music but it quickly grew on me and it actually started to get me excited about the holidays (my black heart is starting to thaw out, send help). I like the different scenes of Christmas frolics mashed together in a compilation video and having worked with the retailer, this is right up their street. It was a fun little watch. So far so good in this review post.

Grade: B


Verdict: I was really impressed by this advert. Lidl marketing/ad department have done better this year around. I love the concept and it’s clever about compartmentalising all the different aspects of Christmas into actual classes. I.e. cooking, presents, decorations etc. My favourite bit was Stanley! Haha, what a CUTIE! Plus the food looks immense. You’d forget for a moment its Lidl.

Grade: A


Verdict: Fun with a touch of classy. I wouldn’t expect last from the retailer. The food looked sumptuous, the music was kicking and the actors were great. Nothing particularly stands out for me in this video though. I think I may have preferred last year’s to this year’s advert.

Grade: B-


Verdict: Another amazing Christmas advert from Mulberry! Last year’s was my ultimate favourite and this one is definitely in the running again! Hilarious twist on the Nativity story and it just gets weirder as it goes along. But the good kind of weird. Also the ‘Gold Crown’ King was kinda hot. That accent. Brilliant advert, nicely shot and great narrative with great actors!

Grade: A


Verdict: I’ve heard murmurs about this advert upsetting children because it ruins the whole ‘Santa’ notion. People need to simply get over it. It’s a Christmas advert. At least kids can request what they actually want for Christmas AND keep tabs on their parents in making sure they get the goods. Overall its a nice enough concept but quite forgettable. At least for me anyway.

Grade: C

Not On The High Street

Verdict: Paypal isn’t the only brand to put out their first Christmas advert on TV. Not On The High Street have debuted their first Christmas ad. And it is wonderful. Not On The High Street is one of my ‘go to’ online stores, so I was looking forward to this one. And it didn’t disappoint. They boast their one of a kind gifts and it brings home the fact that you can really curate your gifts as truly unique presents. Shot fantastically, nice backing music and quite memorable indeed. Is it Christmas yet?

Grade: A-

Currys PC World

Verdict: With Jeff Goldblum starring in this advert, it’s wittingly clever and hilarious at the same time. Christmas gifts at the office can be kind of awkward so this shows it in a funny and quite honest way. I like the concept and I though Goldblum was fantastic in it. Feel for that employee though, boy is in for a rough Christmas.

Grade: B-

John Lewis

Verdict: Yeah, the Christmas advert that EVERYONE waits for has arrived. It’s become a yearly tradition now. Like its the first official sign of Christmas (sorry Coca-Cola). Last year’s was all over the damn place so expect this one to make the rounds like Adele’s ‘Hello’. I quite enjoyed it. Sweet and sentimental. Typical John Lewis. “Tug at those heartstrings” – Check! (My black heart is not having a good day, ha!) Great Christmas ad and as the boss put it, it’s a wonderful reminder not to forget those who are easily forgotten (as long as you buy the goods for good ol’ John Lewis). Standard.

Grade: A-

Keep an eye out for Pt. 2 of our Christmas ads  2015 reviews, coming soon.

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