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Yeah yeah I know, third post about Christmas ads. They really are coming in from all angles this year. I can’t remember coming across some many in one single year (unless I haven’t been paying attention in former years which is, to be quite frank, likely). There are some in the list before that you would expect to see some Christmas buzz and one or two you wouldn’t expect to see. So let’s have a meander through this list of Christmas ads and see who did well in this round.

Sidenote: This is the last, LAST post from us this year. Wishing y’all a fabulous Christmas and a kick-ass New Year! Be good, be safe & be merry!


Quality Street

Verdict: This advert is actually quite lovely, dare I say cute too? I love the idea of the empty chocolate wrappers falling like snow. Like a festive downpour of rainbow snow. Short and sweet, sometimes the best kind of advert. Great concept.

Grade: B+


House of Fraser

Verdict: Saw bits and bobs of this advert during the past few weeks and now I’ve finally watched it, I can say that it’s good. Pretty damn good. Love the choreography, the modern twist to the infamous ‘You Don’t Own Me’ song (The First Wives Club did it best!), the clothes and make-up were looking good too. A fun Christmas ad which gave me vibes of Marks & Spencer’s Christmas advert so maybe that’s why I like this.

Grade: A



Verdict: Heard so much hype about this advert, thankfully without the spoilers. Its a bit of a long advert but oh my, it’s so worth it. The CGI animation is wonderful, the narrative is potent, funny, sad & sweet. Expect high amounts of ‘The Spirit of Christmas’ feels! That Mog, talk about bringing the house down. Wonderful ad!

Grade: A+



Verdict: I think this may be the first time Scrabble have done a Christmas advert (I would check but I haven’t so I could be wrong). It quite lovely and clever with its niche Scrabble appeal of wordplay. Nice cinematographic shots too.

Grade: B



Verdict: I feel for those who have to purchase gluten-free goods. They are not that easy to come by but thanks to Tesco and other stores, shopping gluten-free has become more easier during the holidays. I guess that’s what the advert is really about. But I don’t think I’ll remember this in 3 months time. Or maybe a month.

Grade: C-


Co-Operative Food

Verdict: Hehe, I like this Christmas ad quite a bit. And don’t you hate trying to NOT slip on ice? It’s like playing Survivor and trying to not land on your tush. I like how my man took the initiative and really let he’s inner Bob Cratchit out by giving so freely and generously to the neighbour. You don’t expect that sort of thing to happen nowadays but it is a nice thought to think that it could happen. Why not?

Grade: B+

Coca Cola Brazil

Verdict: Awwh shucks! This advert (nearly 5mins long) is brilliantly scripted, produced and directed. Even though it’s not in English, the subtitles are at the ready for reading. The actors were fabulous and I won’t spoil what happens. Its sweet in that typical Coca Cola way but maybe because this was done by the Brazil division, maybe that’s why it felt a bit more involved and potent.

Grade: A



McDonalds UK

Verdict: The advert is basically an open invitation to put forward your best Christmas karaoke and see if you end up in the Coca Cola advent calendar…I haven’t come across such footage yet though.

Grade: D


Verdict: Lovely little advert from Littlewoods. I love how this brand is still around and going strong. I remember being excited when the new Littlewoods or Argos catalogs would come out with all the new fancy toys etc. The concept’s nothing terrible groundbreaking but the acting was sufficient and the piano music was a lovely touch. Imagine my surprise at the end to realise it was Littlewoods’ brand ambassador Myleene Klass, who happens to be a train pianist as well. Well damn! Girl’s just full of surprises.

Grade: B+


Verdict: I didn’t know what to expect with this Macy’s advert. Sometimes they pull it out of the bag, sometimes they don’t. This Christmas advert is one of those times they do pull it out of the bag. It is fabulous! Great narrative, wonderful acting from the kids, that touch of Christmas magic and I love how the pen only worked when you wrote down a wish for someone else, as opposed to your own. Again another playful but potent reminder that it supposed to be a season of giving. It’s definitely worth the watch and I found myself enjoying the ad. What a pleasant advert indeed.

Grade: A



Verdict: Hahaha! With all the Star Wars hoopla about, this advert knows what its doing. Duracell were clever to team up with the Star Wars franchise for their Christmas advert. It started off a bit corny but actually got quite fun to watch. I love his sister’s reaction and Jedi/Stormtrooper scuffle throughout the film. Imagination is quite a powerful thing, and apparently, so are these new fancy Duracell Quantum batteries.

Grade: A-

H. Samuel

Verdict: It’s a nice little advert. It’s quaint and sweet. There doesn’t seem to be much of a script or dialogue. That’s fine I guess but for me personally, it’s one of those nice to watch but wouldn’t care about not seeing it ever again. You know, forgettable.

Grade: C




Verdict: Toys R Us are usually quite repetitive and same samey, thus making them quite forgetful. I’m quite impressed by this seemingly change of direction. It suits them. I liked the advert, the backing music was a nice choice and the acting was done well. There seems to be a theme this year about old folks…have you noticed? Wonder who started that




Spanish National Lottery

Verdict: Damn. This is good. SO GOOD. I love the Pixar-esque style of the Christmas advert for the Spanish National Lotto. Great storyline, wonderful music, the comedy value and the feels, oh man the FEELS. I actually got a wee bit teary at the end…..damn.

Grade: A+




Verdict: Another entry from a brand I’ve only come across for the first time and wow. This is some potent stuff. You only get a hint of it being Christmas related at the end but the video is put together so well. Wonderful narrative, lovely backing music and its just brilliant how it conveys its message across without any spoken dialogue. Some of the best gifts really are timeless.

Grade: A




Verdict: I heard a lot of buzz around this advert, particularly the bit about the grandfather having to fake his own death to get all of his family to visit him around Christmas. Oh my word…at what point do you get when you have to pull such a queen stunt move like that, just to get the family around for some turkey? I feel for the guy! That’s some sad, potent mess. His family should know better, I mean between the three families, one of em’ couldn’t visit the poor man? Good Lord….dread to think what he has to do to get them to come around for Easter. But it is a good advert, definitely memorable.

Grade: A+



Bonus Video: Aldi

Verdict: Bwhahahahaa, this advert is fantastic!! I heart Aldi and Lidl with their cheeky banter and quick-response quips. This advert takes the John Lewis ad and spins it on its head. I love it.

Grade: B+

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