Cannes Lions 2014

Everyone knows the Cannes Film Festival, but I had no idea there was a huge advertising awards body called ‘Cannes Lions 2014’ (Full name: Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity). That’s er, quite a mouthful.

This awards event is commonly known as the ‘biggest ad festival’ on the planet, which is hosted every year at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres in… guessed it Cannes, France. This year the 7-day event was hosted from the 15th to 21st June. They not only have thousands upon thousands delegates and attendees, they host workshops, seminars and masterclasses, as well as shortlisted ad film viewing.

It’s usually jam-packed with all kinds of people from the creative industry, from head-honchos to ‘know no fear’ designers, to pioneering digi-nerds to marketing mavericks. The festival has an average of 11,000 guests from around 90 countries per year. Did I mention that this was considered the ‘biggest ad festival’?

The film category normally has just one winner, but because of the surge of online only ads, the category has been split into two, Best TV Commercial & Best Internet Commercial. This year’s TV film ad winner was Harvey Nicols’ “Sorry, I spent it on myself” ad, which had quite a few people miffed.  But in this year’s “Best Internet Commercial” however, the winner is without doubt, undisputed and highly deserving. So without further ado…

Cannes Lions Best Internet Commercial 2014

Van Damme the Winner

No lie, I was mesmerised when I first watched this. This is video is FLAWLESS, it’s just so slick and sophisticated and just screams awesomeness! To this date, the ad on Youtube has over 75 million views, and let’s be honest the star of this feat is not Volvo (sorry guys!) It’s Jean Claude Van Damme….more like van DAMN!

Oh yeah. Here’s this year’s big winner in the “best TV ad in the world” category if you haven’t seen the ad.

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