Calendars, believe or not can be another form of advertising. Whether it is blatant or subtle, its another format by which a brand can promote itself. You usually see this sort of branding done by music artists, car manufacturers, even retailers and businesses create their own calendars. One that caught our eye recently was the new Campari 2015 calendar featuring the lovely Eva Green. The Parisian born actress and model is Campari’s ‘chosen one’ for their new calendar. Check out a few of the stunning shots below.




The calendar is called Mythology Mixology’, detailing the Italian liqueur brand’s history with unique stories based on their twelve most favourite cocktails. The calendar’s photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten is the ‘Picasso’ in this campaign. Her talented style has allowed Campari, through Eva Green to tell their story anew. Through colourful visuals and engaging backdrops, it’s strikingly stylish. You could mistake this for a luxury fashion advert. But then again Campari is trying to display that it is a luxurious liqueur. 

The red is very dominant in these images, not surprisingly. Red is Campari’s brand colour and damn does it look good!

This calendar is not a one headliner. Nope. Eva Green may be the Hollywood actress, but the Campari brand is the co-star here. Or arguably, the real star. 

Check out more photos below. You can find out more about Campari’s Calendar campaign here.




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