Yup, ‘World Vegetarian Day’ exists. I didn’t now there was such a thing until yesterday either. But then again, there’s such a thing as ‘Mud Pack Day’ and ‘Name Your Car Day’…and those are just the tame ones. In comparison, this is legitimate day worth celebrating though, considering the vegetarianism is a not bad thing.  On the contrary, it promotes a healthy alternative to eating meat, with its endless imaginative recipes and body enhancing goodness. I’m not proclaiming myself as a vegetarian (ain’t nothing like a good BBQ meat fest) but it wouldn’t hurt to have more veggie goodness every now and then would it? *Hides from over-zealous Carnivores.*

Brands yesterday championed the day with their own responses and reactions. Let’s see how they fared.


The winner this time is Debenhams me thinks. Followed up by PETA UK & Greenpeace.

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