HRH Queen Elizabeth turned 89 yesterday and brands wasted no time in responding to her big day. Down below is a collection of what brands have said to Her Majesty and there is some good ones in there! Today’s brand list includes Marmite, Pot Noodle, BBC Newsbeat & Tesco.

Sidenote: We’re going to start doing occasional posts called ‘Brands & Trends’ (subject to change…maybe). It’s basically going to be a round-up of brands responding to trending events. We’ve seen all sorts in the past few months from Valentines, the Solar Eclipse, Zayn leaving One Direction (yes, that apparently was a big thing) Easter and now the Queen’s b-day! Enjoy the brand fun-frenzy below! Also to see who we think wins this ‘Brands & Trends’ list, see after the listed brand tweets.


So who won this list?

Winner: Lidl wins this one! (If you haven’t seen their One Direction response to Zayn leaving, good God it’s funny!!) These guys are hilarious. 

Runner Up: Pot Noodle. (Almost picked Pizza Express, goodness that dessert looks DAMN GOOD!)

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