This week, the US New Horizons space-thingy finally reached Pluto’s territory on Tuesday. After being launched in January 2006 and has travelled 3 billion miles (4.88bn km) in the space (ha! unintended pun stays) of 9 and a half years. Well damn.


For all the grief Pluto has gotten over the years, it sure looks pretty! Also brands have been voicing their delight at the news discovery as well. Let’s see who had the best ‘Pluto-love’ shoutout.

Whelp, I think Chick-Fil-A takes this one (’cause I have a soft spot for fried chicken). Runners up include Tinder, 9GAG & Disney!

BONUS round! Couldn’t resist posting these ones up. People are really getting carried away with this whole Pluto thing. (Keep the memes coming!).

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