Yup, all nerds from every tribe and nation will understand that coined phrase. If not, well it was ‘Star Wars’ day for those who didn’t know (yeah it’s actually has its own day now) which was on, you guessed it, May 4th. This started back in 2011 when SW fans declared the day a national holiday of sorts. Celebrating the beloved franchise that George Lucas had created all those many moons ago. It celebrates anything and everything Star Wars, from movies & TV, from books to comics and everything else in-between.

And because it’s a fun holiday, you know there are some brands who couldn’t help themselves. And we’re glad they couldn’t. Here’s a roundup of some of the best branded tweets. Scroll to the end to see who we think was unlike any other.


The winner? Philips win this round! Runner-ups include Charmin, Jolly Rancher & Whataburger. 

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