#LoveWins Scotus

#LoveWins indeed. It being Pride Month (which I only realised LAST week! I’m awful I know) this year’s will definitely go down in history. If you haven’t already heard, the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) have voted 5-4 to make gay marriage legal within every US state. The mere fact of how close the vote was just one big factor in an otherwise intense and hotly debated issue in the States. As you can imagine, advocates for gay marriage were overjoyed! The opponents, not so much. But this is a HUGE, historic move, not just for the US but for the world in turn. Times are changing people, get on board or get left behind. Twitter as you can imagine, erupted! So let’s have a look at what brands and whatnots have said about the momentous occasion! *happy dance*



Well this one was quite difficult to pick, so many awesome tweets! I think this B&T’s winner this round is Absolut, followed by GoT, Mentos & Visa! Also gotta give a shout-out to Buzzfeed’s tweet! (One of many but this one is just frickin’ awesome!!)

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