Mashable wrote an article about crazy talented Indonesian photographer Edy Hardjo and his amazing artwork based on the Avengers. He takes the superhero clan and creates typical, somewhat outrageous situations involving the heroes. The results are equally both hilarious and quite human! They have a sort of comic-book feel to them. But at the same time the scenarios that are just too funny and ironic. With the likes of Capt. America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk involved in all kinds of routines and shenanigans, it’s nice to see how even with all the powers and world-saving, they aren’t too different from the rest of us.

Not saying anymore, because these photos DO speak for themselves. The last one is probably my favourite.

avengers-elevator-Edy Hardjo

Good Lord, can you image…*gags a little*

avengers-hulk-tweeze-Edy Hardjo

Hehehe, even big ol’ Hulk needs a bit of manscaping every now and then.

Mouse-Edy Hardjo

Aren’t we all like that though? Well, some of us.

spiderman-wash-Edy Hardjo

Unlucky Spidey

roasting-ghost-rider-Edy Hardjo

To be fair, that’s pretty handy having that hothead Ghost Rider about…when he is behaving himself.

hulk-cut-Edy Hardjo

Thor with a fresh cut. He’s brave for letting Hulk handle those scissors. (Hell, I’m not even sure Hulk trusts himself either).

face-thing-Edy Hardjo

Even superheroes goof about whilst taking selfies.

peepingtom-Edy Hardjo

Ha, boys will be boys.

flirt-Edy Hardjo

Hahahaha seeing Wolverine all weak at the knees for Natalia is too much. He better watch himself.

flaming-Edy Hardjo

Nuff said.

lunchtime-Edy Hardjo

Batman’s such a loner.

wall-peeing-Edy Hardjo

LOL!! Do I really have to explain why this is brilliant?!

(Bonus, okay THIS might be our favourite too!)

dogpile-Edy Hardjo

That Natalia, such a tease. Look at them scramble all over each other. Batman’s got this though, look at him, a dark horse that one!

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