Anti Black Friday

Oh dear God. It’s that time of year again. A tradition that has migrated across the Atlantic from our American brethren. Who every year take out one whole day (also known as Thanksgiving) to eat, sleep and prep for the retail onslaught the next day known as Black Friday. You’d think a lot of the people were going to war with they way they take this so damn seriously. If you have any sense, you’d just open up your desktop, pour a glass of red and just wait for the deals to fall through online. Or you can be brave (and crazy) like this dude.

But I digress. Black Friday has been like MiracleGro for retailers the past few years (despite the fears that some retailers are losing profit between the Oct-Nov months). But Black Friday is now a phrase that is synonymous with the phrase ‘sale’. So naturally people will keep an eye out for any and all the Black Friday deals, whether they really intend to shop or not. Because who doesn’t like a good bargain?

But what about the flip-side of Black Friday? There’s seems to be an increase of ‘Anti-Black Friday’ promotions and advertising, such as from MADE and BMW.


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Clever right? I love the humour/shade that MADE have thrown out there. And they’re right too. Let em’ keep 100s kinds of lattes and Kardashian klowns. We’ll keep the doughnuts and jeans, thanks!

Some have even taken it one step further. Such as REI, an outdoor retailer and co-op, who will actually close all of their 143 stores on that day! The campaign concept is quite out there and cunningly brilliant! You can read more about the reasoning behind it on FastCompany here.

Fantastic ideas of how to take the Black Friday phenomenon and turn it on its side. It’s creative, cunning and actually quite conscientious in its flip-side formula. Granted people will still shop at MADE & BMW, but least these brands won’t be so oversaturated with the “SALE, SALE, SALE” vibes of Black Friday. Heck, REI couldn’t care less! Brilliant.

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