Humans and Hobbits everywhere, the last film of the trilogy of ‘The Hobbit” comes out in December. So movie director  of The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings films Sir Peter Jackson collaborated with Air New Zealand for a safety video.

Hahahaa this IS epic, probably the best safety video ever. It makes travelling more fun and adventurous, especially if you don’t like flying. It is also very informative and practical, while conveying all the necessary messages about flight safety and security. We all know how boring flight safety videos or demonstrations can be. It’s a necessary, yet sometimes overlooked as ‘boring’ measure. It’s a very good marketing move, giving the final Hobbit film and airline more publicity, while making its rounds on the internet. It has been trending on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites too. Plus a special appearance from the uber-talented Sir Peter Jackson and Mr. ‘Big Blue Eyes’ himself Elijah Wood! (Also how awesome would it be if they had those giant eagles as part of their air fleet??)

Saying that, it isn’t the first time Air New Zealand have done this. Check out a previous Hobbit safety video of theirs, but with different twist.


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