TV Ad Music

No. This is not about the movie with the same name. It’s really about music used in TV commercials and their impact on their audiences. When it comes to using backing music, whether a classical instrumental or a current chart single, the song needs to be in tune (too much pun?) with the advert. Really, the background music needs to be able to lift the visual graphics to a point where it strikes an emotional response in its audience. Whether that response is supposed to be joy, fear, dread, excitement or anticipation, choosing the right tune for your advert is essential. Music has a way of connecting to people in ways that visual arts can’t do on its own sometimes. Music can stir emotions, cause people to reminiscent or spark curiosity. The correct music can grab the viewers attention, whether their interested in the product or not and why? Because the music is captivating.

(Gunshot by Lykki Li featured in Peugeot’s new 108 advert, which was previously the UK’s top Shazamed ad for weeks on end)

What your personal tastes are DON’T matter (unless you are the target audience). If you wanted a successful, hell even an award-winning TV ad, you’d have to choose music that would not only fit the visual, but will also connect with your audiences in the right, positive way. Preferences sometimes play a part, but personal tastes are just opinions, everyone and their dog has them. If it connects with the majority of the target audience and produces successful results, you’d know you have a winning ad.For additional reading, this article by Forbes is a bit old but it’s still good with some insightful tidbits about music and branding.

Going back to Shazam, The Drum partnered with Shazam few months ago and wrote about it back in June, talking about how they’ve created a weekly chart that shows what is the most popular music being featured in ads in the UK. This will allow The Drum. Whoever comes out on top with the most Shazamed ad will receive an award at the DADI Awards (The Drum Awards for the Digital Industries) this October. I actually hope it continues after this, because this is a very cool way of seeing who’s doing what, how well they are doing and what songs are popular among audiences at the moment too.

Here’s a few examples below of who is currently on the Shazam list of most popular searched songs.

“Let Me In” by Kleerup for H&M

“Rather Be” by Clean Bandit for M&S Food (Currently no.1 at the moment)

“Jungle” by Emma Louise for Yves Saint Laurent


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