Advertising on Sky AdSmart TV - How Does It Work?

We’re offering a revolutionary platform that allows you to not only target TV audiences on a postcode and demographic basis, but it can also make sure your product or service is relevant to viewers with amazing accuracy and efficiency.

It’s called Sky AdSmart.

How does Sky AdSmart TV work?

We categorise your customers into different demographic profiles based on subscription info and third party Mosaic data supplied by Experian.

Right now there are over 90 mosaic profiles available to you, including age, status, affluence and household composition. There are also up to 32 regional and metropolitan areas that provide a local TV advertising framework that can even allow you to target your customers using postcodes.

A TV Campaign for £5,000?

So if you have a housing development, shopping centre or retail outlet and your customers catchment is within 10 or 20 miles of your business, you can target just that area.

This means that you can have a two week TV campaign for as little as £5,000, which is pretty much the same as a radio campaign, but much more effective.

When it comes to creating and planning your media, you can pick specific TV channels that will have the most relevant impact on the viewer.

So for example, if you’re a 45-year-old married male with a detached house, have young children and earn an annual salary of £65,000+ a year, you could expect to see TV advertisements promoting the latest Land Rover, Burberry’s latest collection or British Airways trips. As opposed to seeing adverts from Ford, Primark and Ryanair.

Want to know more? Click here. Be sure to also have a look at our handy infograph, you can download that here.

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