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Ho…ho… how many more you say? Well even though this is Part 3 of our ‘Tis The Season ad review, I have a sneaky suspicion that they’ll be more to come. Those pesky ad agencies and brands are really churning out the Christmas spots this year. Okay, enough small chit chat, let’s see who’s who below and what they concocted.

EDEKA – #Zeitschenken

Verdict: Google Translate tells me that ‘Zeitschenken’ means ‘Time’. This advert is like the antithesis of all the commercial hubbub that is retail at Christmas. This advert is beautifully shot and I love the narrative behind it. It is a stark reminder that against all the tinsel and flickering lights, it’s really about spending those key moments with each other. Christmas may be the most wonderful time of year, but it is also the most stressful. And apparently not just for the adults either.

Grade: A+

McDonald’s UK – The Doll

Verdict: You gotta feel for my girl Juliette. No one wants to feel left behind or forgotten at this time of year. This MaccyD ad reminded me fervently of Toy Story, which I quite liked and made me feel nostalgic. And also staring frequently at all those happy customers across the way can’t have been easy for her to watch. That or she was just really craving a McRib. I also like how near the end of the ad, she was like ‘OK, screw this’ and bolted for it. Her getaway paid off in the end. Damn, get it gurl!

Grade: A+

Apple – Frankie’s Holiday

Verdict: Awhh this one’s cute. Apple is really getting into the Christmas advert game big-time and this year they didn’t disappoint. This idea of dropping old Frankenstein (or his monster depending on how correct you’d like to be) in a Christmas backdrop is different but original. A little bit of good old fashion product placement at the beginning. I think the concept is sweet without being too over the top and the use of those Christmas lights in the box is damn clever. Made me smile.

Grade: A-

Lidl Ireland – Share More Special Moments

Verdict: Ahhh all the sweet and sticky ads are coming through on this list now. Here’s one of Lidl’s Christmas spots for this year. It’s a lovely but if I’m going to be quite honest, it won’t really stay in my brain the way Apple’s or Edeka’s adverts did. And nice effort nonetheless.

Grade: B-

Alzheimer’s Research UK – Santa Forgot

Verdict: Now this advert for some reason resonated with me. It definitely taps into the emotional centre in my brain and rightly so. Many of us are so damn busy with our lives that we forget there are those who struggle more so. Alzheimers is an unrelentless condition that can be even more horrific to deal with over the holidays. Having Santa as the one with the condition in this scenario was a clever move. It makes it easy for everyone to follow, both child and adult alike. Did I mention it tugs at the heart strings? Honestly I think one of my eyes began to water near the end.

Grade: A

Debenhams – Found It

Verdict: Bwhahahaaa Eddy? Eddy is that you darhling!? As soon as I heard Edina Monsoon’s voice I knew I was gonna like this ad by Debenhams. Nicely shot, humourous narrative and it showed off some of their best products in the best possible light. That patterned man bag did look hot, I must admit. The voice didn’t sound too bad either. Can you guess who else’s voice makes an appearance? (Pssst, answers at the bottom of the post).

Grade: A+

WWF UK – I Protect Tigers

Verdict: Charming little advert. I’m not entirely sure if WWF actually do annual Christmas spots but this one was a nice way of taking the animal sponsorship/adoption process and giving it a new perspective. I mean who wouldn’t want a pet tiger? (I’d prefer a Grizzly myself). This is a noteworthy effort by WWF, reminding us that Christmas is a time for thoughtful giving and helping. And really we ought to do better to look after the planet and its inhabitants, both human and creature alike.

Grade: B+

Aldi Australia – Nothing Beat’s the Perfect Aussie Christmas

Verdict: Erm….LOL! I love the sheer barminess of this Aldi ad! It’s obnoxiously funny, over the top and I like how they drew comparisons from a stereotypical American Christmas vs. an Australian Christmas. I can’t spoil it but it is definitely one of the most ridiculous adverts so far this Christmas season. For which I am truly thankful for.

Grade: A

Amazon – A Priest and Imam Meet for a Cup of Tea

Verdict: This is actually quite a brave advert. Besides the fact that the title alone makes it sound like the start of a bad joke, the concept it subtle and efficient. It’s not the usual over the top Christmas palava, excessively commercial or even too sweet to stomach. Showing how two people of quite different faiths sharing a common bond and friendship, is something we don’t see as much as we may like. Well done to Amazon for this sweet gesture of an advert.

Grade: A-

Body Shop UK – Jungle Bells

Verdict: Slightly odd but with good reason! The Body Shop takes their ‘Jungle’ campaign and extended it into their Christmas season with this advert. It seems like a worthy cause and some of those gift ideas look really good. Other than that, meh.

Grade: C

Samsung Mobile USA – Unwrap The Feels

Verdict: Oh man…I REALLY want to try one of these bad boys now after watching that ad. I think this is a great Christmas ad by Samsung because it gauges people’s reactions to the VR headset. That sort of thing you can’t just script (well you could but it would be most obvious). I mean it actually looked like fun. And I’m not one for virtual reality.

Grade: A-

Sky Cinema – Christmas

Verdict: I LOVE the creative concept behind this CGI’d movie advent calendar. What an ingenious, fun way of portraying these movies as a daily/weekly surprise throughout the month of December. Wonderful little ad, I’m sure the kids will love it. And a couple of adults too.

Grade: A

H&M – Come Together

Verdict: Bear with this advert, it’s a bit of a long one. But totally worth it. This spot is directed by the one and only Wes Anderson and stars the human version of an Afghan Hound, Adrien Brody. The story takes place on a long train commute and Brody plays the ‘train-master’ for that particular journey. Brody’s character has the unfortunate task of telling his passengers that they will be severely delayed for their Christmas journeys. But this doesn’t sit well with Brody’s character so he decides to do something about it. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it, all I’ll say it’s beautifully shot, flawlessly portrayed and creatively pulled together.

Grade: A


Written by: JR

Answers to ‘Debenhams’ voice acting question: Jennifer Saunders, Ewan McGregor, Billie Piper, Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli and outgoing Bake Off host Mel Giedroyc.

I should have known THAT was McGregor’s smooth voice! *swoooon*.

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