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Oh dear Lord, is it that time again? If you’re a disciple of that sport they refer to as ‘football’ then I guess you damn well know what time it is. The tournament kicks off today for a month, this time in Paris. With over 10 venues and 24 teams participating, it’ll be a jam-packed sporting event that’s damn near guaranteed to keep a lot of pubs and bookies very busy. Besides placing bets, dusting off your fav team shirt and breaking out the patriotic flags, the UEFA Euro event is a big pull for brands and advertisers. I haven’t seen much at the moment (probably because I don’t watch much live TV, it’s all about streaming darling) I decided to see what was circulating at the moment. So let’s see who put out what and how they did.


Lufthansa – Everyone’s Fanhansa

Verdict: Hahahaha I love it. The son (I’m assuming their a father/son duo) is beyond imaginative and wild in his original theory of what it would be like flying with the Germans. But Lufthansa proved him wrong. Although that kid certainly wasn’t wrong. Good lawd, we have a lot of explaining to do. I like Lufthansa, flew with them before on a long-haul flight and they are simply a delight to travel with. Plus bonus points if your flight attendants are easy on the eyes too.

Grade: A-

Hyundai – Euro 2016 Is Coming

Verdict: Seeing this ad was going to be over 2mins long I thought ‘Uh, looks like a long one’. But you know what? It was wonderful, a delight to watch. Love the kid (such big, pretty eyes!) and his relentless enthusiasm. Half the time though I couldn’t tell if the location was Italy or Spain, but the location was a good pick (bit nostalgic for moi). The kid was a great little actor, this ad had a little bit of everything. I won’t spoil it incase you haven’t seen it. One word though, FEELS.

Grade: A

Adidas – Our Pitch Our Rules

Verdict: I don’t care who I offend but this advert makes Germany look more handsome than England’s. Yeah, I said it. And I won’t take it back. Besides from that, I wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one. I was worried it might be uniform-centric or a whole bunch of lame product placement. But with the slick art direction and creative narrative, you almost forget you’re watching a product ad. It came across as more of a brand message ad to me, one that boasts what makes this team (and the brand by extension) in a league of its own. Great ad spot. I actually enjoyed watching it.

Grade: A-

Carlsberg – Giving For Getting

Verdict: Carlsberg gives great ad. Always. And this one didn’t disappoint. Although I must admit, I did have my doubts before even pressing play. Hats off to the volunteers (if that’s what they really are), enjoyed their verve and humour! Getting people to stop and talk with you is no task for the faint-hearted. Those four were entertaining and I would like to tell you what happens with those who actually stop to talk, but….you’ll have to watch the ad to find out. Naturally

Grade: A-

Turkish Airlines – Official Partner For Euro 2016

Verdict: There’s something about the instrumental in this advert that makes one feel a steady build of patriotism to their respective homeland. The advert wasn’t as good as the others above but it is a lovely advert, although I’m not sure where I stand with the image transitions. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

Grade: B

Panini – UEFA Euro 2016 Sticker Collection

Verdict: In Panini’s defence, what do you expect in just 20 seconds?…

Grade: C

Mars – Believe

Verdict: I am utterly fond of this video. It’s actually a really good advert and probably the best one out of all the others above. It’s so overly English that I almost can’t stand it. It’s hilariously, well directed and fabulously creative. Marvellous ad!

Grade: A

3 Ireland – Make History

Verdict: This is almost like the Mars bar ad, except you substitute the raving English fans for the raving Irish fans. I love the enthusiasm coming through these ads, it’s making me excited for a competition I’m more than liking not going to be watching. Unless there’s booze involved. Or eye-candy. Or both. But I’m straying from the subject (again). A wonderful, patriotic & humourous advert from 3.

Grade: A

ITV – Lucky

Verdict: Wasn’t too sure what to expect with this one. But I’ll say this, Eric Cantona has quite a soothing, mature voice. Interesting choice for a narrator. I kind of like the little segments of individuals going through their own ritualistic routines pre-game but this advert is quite forgettable. If I’m not being too blunt. But maybe ITV’s standards, its an interesting take on promoting the Euros, considering they’re the ones who will be broadcasting Euro 2016 (alongside the BBC).

Grade: C+

BBC Wales – Our Time

Verdict: God I love Wales. Don’t care what anyone says, the Welsh are awesome. I like this advert better than the ITV one. It flowed more harmoniously and had a nice narrative that went from nostalgia and crushed dreams to modern day with renewed hope. I love the chronological order of the advert as well as the periodical references to each time period. (Oh dear that hair though??) And besides, the Welsh team has every bit of a chance as doing as well as England. Don’t sit there and tell me it’s not true. They’ve won just as many times as we have…

Grade: B+

Paddy Power – Vive La Bantz

Verdict: With Paddy Power’s repuatation for playing fast and loose when it comes to advertising & shock tactics, this one is quite tame. Tame but with a hint of that classic Paddy Power cutting humour at the end of the video. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it but when you think about it, it does seem like a safe bet.

Grade: B-

Volvo – Made by Sweden “Prologue”

Verdict: The advert is quite long but it’s worth it. Starring Zlatan Ibrahimovic (who looks great in this ad), the narrative follows Zlatan and a taster of his story. It may look and sound like the usual ‘inspirational story’ but this ad is really something. Volvo usually do good stuff and this didn’t disappoint. The narrative was easy to follow but intriguing, the art direction is spectacular and Zlatan played his part well. The landscapes used in the video are glorious and even the car looks great. Quite enjoyed watching this one.

Grade: A

Orange – UEFA Euro 2016

Verdict: For a hot second it took me awhile to realise that actually was Zinedine. Damn that man has aged like fine wine! Will forever love him for this epic moment. This advert by Orange was a pleasant fun watch, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Zidane sends his most trusted assistant (the intern-looking one who looks like a deer in the headlights) on a mission around Europe to do his bidding before the competition. It’s lively and humourous. It’s one of the best adverts in this line-up I think.

Grade: A-

BBC Sport – Liberté, Égalité, Footé

Verdict: The BBC know how to roll out an advert when they’re ready. I mean from that screenshot of Gary Lineker in the video above makes you think, “Ah now this should be interesting”. This lil’ advert had pretty much damn near everything! Periodical costumes. Dramatic music with a good thump to it. Beautiful people (I’m not even joking about that one). The football greats. And of course, Mr. Lineker, who looked remarkably dashing in this advert. He looks like a human version of Lumière. YAAAS!

Grade: A+

(Bonus) Carlsberg – Pessimism for Optimism

Verdict: Quite different to the other Carlsberg commercial above. Not something entirely new as we’ve all seen those ‘stir up the crowds with a resounding speech/monologue’ adverts before. This was a nice effort by Carlsberg, but not their best. The narrative and copy is decent but I actually prefer the other Carlsberg advert above. Plus that one didn’t seem as long as this one did.

Grade: C+


I knew I missed one or three more ads. There’s probably a few more but I won’t add anymore after these ones. Let’s check them out below.

Beats – B Ready

Verdict: Beats usually do good ads that are fast-paced with a good thumping track to back it up. This includes The Prodigy’s Firestrater song (which I may or may not have decided to go and download…I’m totally gonna download it). It’s a good, quick ad that doesn’t require you to focus too much into the narrative. The ad features the likes of Antoine Griezmann, Mario Götze, Harry Kane and Cesc Fabregas, doing what they do best. Not Beats’ best advert to date but it’s definitely not their worst.

Grade: B+

Apple – The Beautiful Game

Verdict: That advert felt quicker than the Beats one. This isn’t the first time Apple have used photography taken by Apple uses to feature predominately in their ad campaigns. And I can see why they would do it again. Cost effective, it has viral potential and its emotive. Plus how many people can say they’ve had their own photos featured in an Apple advert? I like the audio narrative they used, it worked in perfect sync with the images. And in typical Apple fashion, is quite starkly different to the rest of the TV ads. But I wouldn’t say it’s one of the strongest ads here.

Grade: B

Nike – The Switch

Verdict: This is a bit of a long-haul ad but its best to view it as more of a short movie, rather than an advert. Because that’s pretty much what it is. But it’s an enjoyable watch. Ronaldo is somewhat funny in this and the young fella from England is fantastic in this too. Think Freaky Friday meets Euro 2016. The narrative is pretty good and the art direction is cracking. Clearly high-budget but done quite well. I love seeing the contrast between both worlds and how they clash and blur against each other.

Grade: A+


Written by: J.R.

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