we’ve recently started working with Andrew Riley over at Publishing Ink as they do some gorgeously designed printed magazines for the likes of The Mailbox, Harvey Nichols and Style Birmingham.

Andrew realizes that, whilst print is still a fantastic medium, there is also a huge benefit in having a digital alternative to compliment it.

the biggest priority for Publishing Ink was to make sure their clients still had the highest level of design and quality in their digital magazines.

they also wanted to make sure they could insert interactive content as they have some amazing videos that help illustrate their articles.

they’ve also got loads of links to their website which helps customers who are reading interact and get a feel for where they can go and physically see those wonderful items.

we got our first digital magazine published for The Mailbox today and hope this is the first of many!

you can see it for yourself on The Mailbox website or have a flick through it below.

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