we’ve been working with Hydropool for a while now (2008, since you asked!) making sure everyone knows they do the hottest hot tubs and swim spas in town.

their hot tubs even clean themselves. so all you have to do is sit back, open another bottle of bubbles (get it?) and relax.

we built their website and created a digital brochure so that their customers could skip the printed brochure and get going.

we did it for two main reasons:

1. it makes their customers lives easier because they can click on a digital brochure, see all the benefits of a Hydropool hot tub, see all the various models, pick one and get in touch straight away. easy.

2. it makes Hydropool’s lives easier.

they can check how many people are reading their brochure, see which models are the most popular and see how many potential customers their brochure is getting them. plus it looks nice and costs a hell of a lot less than printing and posting a brochure.

since we created their digital brochure it’s had 17,000 visits, 499,000 page views and generated over 2,700 sales leads.

but it was time to refresh it.

so what did we do?


Hydropool are currently at The Ideal Home Show and we created the brochures in time for it.

so, feel free to check out the hot tub brochure or the swim spa brochure at your leisure!

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