Funny how perhaps the greatest invention of the Industrial Age, ‘the printing press’ will become secondary to mobile advertising. TheDrum have put out an recent article stating that next year, mobile advertising will be more dominant than newspaper advertisement. That doesn’t surprise me one bit, especially considering we apparently spend more times on our phones than on our computers. Crazy huh? The fact that mobile advertising will actually be king next year proves how quickly things are fast becoming digitised and cross-platform adaptable.

According to The Drum,

“Mobile will account for 12.4 per cent of the market next year. In 2016 during it will grow by over a third (38 per cent) mustering a valuation of $71bn. Meanwhile newspapers will contribute 11.9 per cent, shrinking by four per cent to $68bn.”

Granted, it’s not like mobile advertising will completely obliterate newspaper advertising, it’ll just become the first preference option. Ain’t life funny? Just wait until Virtual Reality becomes mainstream and they bring back Google Glass, good Lord…

Be sure to read the insightful article on why mobile advertising will take 2016 by storm here.

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