John Lewis Christmas Ad

It’s that time of year again, yup..y’all know what it is. Christmas! Whether you adore or dread the festive holiday, Christmas is without a shadow of doubt, the most expensive month of the year. This in turn also makes it the most profitable time of year. This is true for retailers, both online, supermarkets and the high street. Designers and copywriters have a field day when its the Christmas season. The season itself is a marketer’s dream (or nightmare depending on which stance you take). It’s also a time where there’s a constant whirlwind of Christmas adverts, events and promotions. Its hard to ignore, especially with the use of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and other social media platforms.

We decided to round up the best Christmas TV & Viral adverts that have circulated the internet and TV screens. In no particular order.

On the 12th Ad of Christmas…


12. Advent Counting

Verdict: This is a crazy-cool advert that’s quite on the ‘techno-saavy’ side compared to some of the other Christmas ads we’ve seen so far. What I mean is it’s very digital, but its done in such a creative, fun way. It’s a good ad to get you in the ‘Countdown to Christmas’ mood. Plus the old man is rockin’ that purple suit!


11. Penguins Pining

Verdict: Kinda like marmite, you either love it or hate it. We all think its so adorable and heart-warming, so maybe our hearts are frigid like ice. Also, penguins. YES!


10. Soldiers Singing

Verdict: This advert got a lot of attention. This is actually more Marmite than the John Lewis ad. You’re either all for it or against it. The ASA Council have decided not to ban it after receiving over 700 complaints. It’s a sweet story. But we can see why some may see it as distasteful, whilst causing an unwelcome stir.


9. Late-Night Surprising

Verdict: There is nothing worst then having to find something LAST MINUTE. (Or work the nightshift Christmas Eve…or actually work on Christmas Day, bummer). In this ad in shows the less glamourous, more gratifying side of Christmas, the little things as it were. We see the spirit of Christmas in this ad. Not over the top either, it’s just the right amount of sweet.


8. Christmas Smiling

Verdict: Honestly there’s nothing quite ‘outstanding’ about it. Maybe that’s the niche they wanted to go for. Something that resembled some sort of normal? Any why not, normal is good, normal is relatable.


7. Present Exploring

Verdict: This is quite adorable without being too sickly sweet (your gag reflex thanks you). We like how the little girl doesn’t stop searching until she has found the one thing she’s looking for. Again, this advert reminds you (especially if you have kids) is to try and meet expectations. Whether you have a budget or not.


6. Christmas Dining

Verdict: This is good! It shows multiple Christmas dinner scenarios and each are unique in their own fun way. It’s got music, food, drink and more. Now the real question is this…which dinner table would you choose to sit at?


5. Sky Moviesssssssss

Verdict: Adventure. That’s the selling point here. Sky Movies were quite clever in taking your average family and throwing them into the digital dimension of film. From action sequences to comedic situations, the advert is fun, relevant and well, on point.


4. Fairies Flying

Verdict: It’s a little sparkly and a little corny. Maybe that’s the intention though?


3. Gingerbread Men

Verdict: Lovely backing music and the storytelling is sweet and rather subtle. Its not glamourous or saavy, it’s almost like going ‘back to basics’.


2. Burberry Love

Verdict: It’s quite the glamourous affair. Dancing, snow and Burberry’s finest apparel are featured in this advert. The star of the show is CLEARLY Romeo Beckham, who evidently has his parents’ good looks. Already contracted as one of Burberry’s models, he shines as the young lad who makes his magical journey from London to the city of love (and fashion) Paris.


1. And a Handbag in a Mulberry Tree

Verdict: THIS!! This is too outrageous and we love how one family member tries to outdo the rest. No one can touch Grandma though, girl won that contest hands down. Love the smugness on her face after the grand-daughter loses ALL her mind! Brilliant ad from Mulberry!


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