Charlotte Tilbury is a highly sought after fashion make-up artist who has recently launched her debut fragrance during NYFW. And what a way she’s decided to do it. Having partnered with techno-monolith Samsung, they came together to create this 360° virtual reality commercial advert.

Watching this gave me a mini-flashback to the Alexander McQueen exhibit where they displayed Kate Moss in a prism-like hologram for one of McQueen’s previous shows. The advert is quite something. Although I would like to see how they could take it one step further and project it beyond the screen a’la McQueen style.

But I digress, I like that they included Kate Moss as the face of this perfume campaign. She looked flawless with the virtual cosmos in the background. And with her previous hologram experience, she displays a sort of ethereal quality that’s definitely reminiscent of McQueen. The dancing scene was an interesting inclusion, no idea who the handsome bloke is though. Tilbury makes an appearance too. Her performance seemed a little stiff to me but she looked great (key de facto when your profession is being a make-up artist.) For me the advert has anticipation and a bit of a build-up. But somewhere after the party scene, the ad film kind of fell a bit flat for me. Which is a bit of a shame, but nonetheless a great effort.

It’s worth noting this advert because VR is making big waves in advertising and looks like its here to stay. It also adds a whole new level of immersion for the viewer and actually begs interaction from said viewer. With this kind of digital magic, the impact that the advertising industry has, will increase dramatically. So it really is great to see Tilbury run with this VR infused campaign, as it is becoming common-place for ad-tech companies to be testing and using VR platforms and 360° videos. The future is here ladies and gents.

Written by: JR

Images: Youtube

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