Whether or not you were aware of it before, Sky has teamed up with Virgin Media to deliver their latest platform in advanced TV advertising. So since it’s been about three months (or so) since the news came out, how has the collaboration fared?  John Moulding of Videonet reported recently that ad buyers have been looking for new ways to reach their target audiences, using Experian Mosaic Types, right down to postcode level.

And it seems to be working out very well for the two behemoth media giants. So far, so good. Because this Sky-Virgin project involves such heavy hitters who are actually rivals, the mere fact that they’ve put aside their allegiances for the sake of creating a TV advertising platform that reaches both their audiences in an unprecedented way just goes to show that at the end of the day, it’s what ad buyers ultimately want. An ad platform that reaches their target consumers with precision and finesse.

Jamie West, Deputy MD and Group Director of Advanced Advertising at Sky Media describes why the partnership is a must.

“The ‘why’ is quite simple and straight-forward,” he says. “If you put yourself in the shoes of a marketing director or agency, what they want is easy access to market. Many of them recognise the capabilities of addressable linear TV and a lot of clients and agencies want addressable across multiple platforms. They want to transact against the same [target] audience without being billed by multiple vendors. We offered to partner with Virgin to provide consistent functionality and consistent interaction points. This was about finding a balance between our commercial ambition and advertiser requirements.”

What more could an ad buyer want? Be sure to read the rest of Videonet’s article here.

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