Jaguar and Land Rover (who happen to be based not too far from our stomping ground) have recently opened a brand new showroom in the Westfield Stratford shopping centre in London. But this isn’t your typical showroom. They’ve gone digital.



Looks pretty swanky. Jaguar Land Rover collaborated with Rockar and Dalziel & Pow to create this digital emporium that adds a new dimension to the experience of car shopping. Considering we’re living in the age of AI development, virtual reality and Snapchat, it’s not surprise that we’re heading this way. People probably spend more time looking at digital screens more so that interacting with actual people.

The showroom is kitted out with computer software that incorporates their brand new ‘click to buy’ online scheme right there in-store. Not dissimilar to the Apple stores, consumers (and even the curious) can wonder into the showroom via the open-front facade and casually browse their product lines with just a few clicks and swipes on a screen.

Land Rover, Jaguar, Digital, Marketing, Shopping, Westfield

It effectively cuts out the need for papered information and gruelling hours on end persuasion on the staff’s behalf. This digital integration makes the whole experience more engaging and memorable, in a sense.

Why? Because this digitised environment allows visitors to browse and learn at their own pace, without the overbearing hassle and haggling. Sure they may not necessarily get to choose from a huge line up of cars to touch and feel, but again, more people spend more time online nowadays. From groceries and clothes, to assorted gifts and holidays. It’s all about convenience. Which also factors into Jaguar Land Rover’s approach with this showroom.

With exterior and interior swatches elegantly displayed, flat-screens showcasing key car features and its open-plan, minimalist look, it’s definitely an physical metaphor of the label’s brand. However as Econsultancy pointed out, the showroom lacks really taking the digital initiative that extra step forward by making the experience more immersive. Instead here, particular as this showroom is direct outlet to their new bespoke buying scheme, it’s more about the sale rather than the automotive experience. I somewhat agree but hey, it’s a commendable start and has healthy potential. It’ll be interesting to see what more Jaguar Land Rover could do in the near future.

Land Rover, Jaguar, Digital, Marketing, Shopping, Westfield

Land Rover, Jaguar, Digital, Marketing, Shopping, Westfield

Land Rover, Jaguar, Digital, Marketing, Shopping, Westfield

Land Rover, Jaguar, Digital, Marketing, Shopping, Westfield

Written by: J.R.

Images: Land Rover/Econsultancy/Alumind

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