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Sky AdSmart TV


Television advertising. It’s the brass knuckles in your marketing strategy and who wouldn’t love a TV campaign to promote their business? Research shows 85% of your customers live within just 10 miles of your location, so obviously a national TV campaign would be a pretty poor use of resources.

But did you know you could reach your customers locally with a TV commercial that is only shown within your catchment area?

Enter Sky AdSmart TV

Sky AdSmart TV is the latest revolutionary platform that allows you to target TV audiences of pinpointed relevance to your product or service with amazing accuracy and efficiency.


How does Sky AdSmart TV work?

Households are categorised into different demographic profiles based on subscription info and third party Mosaic data supplied by Experian.

Right now there are just over 90 mosaic profiles available to advertisers, including age, status, affluence and household composition. There is also up to 32 regional and metropolitan areas that provide a local TV advertising framework of unprecedented accuracy and detail.

When it comes to creating and curating ad intervals, you can pick specific TV channels that will have the relevant impact on the viewer.

So for example, if you’re a 45-year-old married male with a detached house, have young children and earn an annual salary of £65,000+ a year, you could expect to see TV advertisements promoting the latest Land Rover, Burberry’s latest RTW collection or trips to Switzerland via British Airways. As opposed to seeing adverts from Tinder, Primark and Ryanair.


Customer Profiling

The real beauty with Sky AdSmart TV is that it allows you to pick and choose from a range of households characteristics.

There are hundreds no, thousands of ways you can select the characteristics and values that you wish to have, so your ideal consumers can’t miss your TV ad.

In addition to the attributes and detailed values of the segmented groups, Sky AdSmart TV also offers you the opportunity to curate bespoke segmented groups by using your own consumer data.


What we can do for you

Creating a bespoke two-week TV campaign can cost as little as £3,000 with Sky AdSmart and it could be either within a ten – mile radius (or more) or be postcode specific.

Want to know how you can use this to your advantage? We’d love to tell you. Give us a call on 01926 357 010 or you can fill in our online query form here.

Video & images courtesy of Sky AdSmart TV.

Our Sky AdSmart commercial for Hammonds Furniture