Sky AdSmart TV Case Study: Not On The High Street

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Adsmart Case Study: Not On The Highstreet

Background was started by entrepreneurs Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish in 2006, with a founding idea to hunt out the most original items from the best creative small businesses and bring them together in one place, making it easy for people to browse and buy online.

Launching with around 100 creative small businesses, many of them working from their own kitchen tables, has grown this to a community of over 5,000 and has the vision of becoming the world’s leading curated marketplace for small creative businesses.

Throughout their 2014 Christmas campaign, along with its media agency M2M, encouraged the UK to ‘Choose a Christmas Less Ordinary’. The campaign followed six extraordinary characters who were matched with their perfect gifts in a campaign designed to raise both brand awareness and drive new customer acquisition at the busiest time of the retail year. In addition to TV, the campaign ran across online, social media, radio and outdoor in London. used Sky AdSmart as part of their campaign which ran as a foundation for the Christmas activity.  Using Sky AdSmart for the first time, were able to use the data to accurately target three key audiences of gift buyers. Launching to these specific audiences, one of three different 10 second creative executions were deployed for each group – alongside a control group which was established to help isolate the impact of the Sky AdSmart advertising.

Enhanced TV Targeting

With Sky AdSmart offering over 400 targeting attributes, it gives advertisers the opportunity to reach their actual audience rather than a broader proxy audience. Experian’s Mosaic Groups allowed a selection of three audience groups that matched’s key target audience of gift buyers – Professional Rewards, Liberal Opinions and Careers & Kids. Using Sky AdSmart enabled to target specific households within those three groups on a national level and at a controlled frequency of message.

Because Sky AdSmart has the ability to isolate the 3 target audiences, the creative served to each group could be tailored. The full length Christmas advert which showcased the 6 perfect gifts could be pulled apart and made most relevant to each group. Gifts were specifically selected for each audience, for example a personalised necklace for Professional Rewards and a terrarium for Liberal Opinions.

Evaluating effectiveness

The ability to analyse and understand the performance of the campaign was crucial to the campaign’s success. At Sky Media we have access to analytical tools which allows us to undertake in-depth and advanced tracking.

The unifying strategy behind the analytics is to provide web-based ‘Mass Automated Quantitative Research’ (MAQR) which can be activated on Sky AdSmart campaigns, so as to analyse performance and give advertisers robust evidence that a campaign has worked to pre-agreed KPIs.

This is done by identifying Sky Households which have been targeted by (or exposed to) the Sky AdSmart campaign, then building a control sample of Sky households which have an identical geodemographic profile but which were not exposed to the campaign. This then allows the two groups to be directly compared – and with the advertisers’ results being incorporated, any differences can be isolated as a ‘Sky AdSmart effect’.

During the campaign, customer orders across a 12 week period were mapped, starting three weeks pre-campaign running through to seven weeks post, alongside data from over 2m Sky households. This data fuelled a report delivering invaluable campaign performance results on key sales measures and new customer acquisition.

Top Line Results

By the end of the two week branding campaign, households exposed to the ads were 12% more likely to become new customers.

With additional advertising coming into effect after the two week campaign, it was still possible to use the control group to see the Sky AdSmart effect for the weeks to come. In the 7 weeks following the campaign Sky AdSmart continued to generate new customers, highlighting the long term effectiveness of TV advertising.

Nine weeks post campaign it could be shown clearly that the Sky AdSmart activity had generated an extremely positive ROI for their Christmas Less Ordinary campaign…

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AdSmart TV Case Study Not On The Highstreet