Sky AdSmart TV Case Study: Mr Porter

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Adsmart Case Study: Mr Porter


MR PORTER.COM the award-winning global retail destination for men’s style used Sky AdSmart as part of a multi-media advertising campaign to raise brand awareness and encourage gifting from its website in the run up to Christmas.

Using Sky AdSmart’s enhanced targeting capability MR PORTER was able to ensure its ad was only seen by an audience significantly more likely to be in the market for luxury fashion gifts.

In an industry first, Sky deployed a two-fold approach to campaign evaluation. By combining survey-led field research with transactional data-matching, Sky enabled MR PORTER to understand the campaign’s

Campaign Objectives

– To raise awareness, consideration and purchase intent of MR PORTER
– To generate website traffic and drive online sales

Top Line Results

Households exposed to the Sky AdSmart campaign delivered thousands of incremental orders across the evaluation period. Furthermore, 27% of these incremental orders came from new customers.

Orders placed by households exposed to the Sky AdSmart campaign generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in incremental revenue when compared to homes not exposed to the campaign, equating to an uplift of +18%.

The Sky AdSmart campaign generated a ROI of 3.4 to 1 and had already paid for itself in full halfway through the campaign period.

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Content courtesy of Sky AdSmart TV.

AdSmart Case Study MR PORTER