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Social media is a great way to create leads and get your businesses name out to a wider audience. It also allows for your business to create a brand image and give it a personality. There are also factors like gaining market recognition and respect. So overall it is essential to have some sort of social media presence, however, which channel to use is often difficult to decide. They can all be used in a lot of different ways and will benefit different types of business. I am going to explain which social media channel will be most beneficial for your business.


marketing on social media twitter

Twitter is a fantastic network and overall I would advise every business to use it. By combining it with Tweetdeck it allows you to schedule your tweets to reach a massive audience ideally multiple times a day. It is the dominant democracy on social media sharing and is used by everyone from Apple to the local businesses in your community. It is all but guaranteed that people in your market are engaging in the conversation on Twitter and it is time for you to join it.


This is ideal for B2B businesses, recruiters and job agencies. There is a lot of opportunities to post ideally 2-4 times a week to build up your connections and reach a larger audience. This is a form of social media that has continued potential with room for improvement. It will integrate well with blog posts, white papers and other more official forms of displaying information. It can also be used if you are looking to gain new staff and using the 2nd to 3rd-degree connections is also a handy function to make introductions to new potential customers for your business.


marketing on social media facebook

Everyone should use Facebook due to the sheer amount of people you can reach through it. By posting once or twice a day you will slowly start to grow your Facebook page. Facebook is the best equipped to share responses to a post asking a question or sparking conversation. Especially if posts are boosted, part of Facebook’s internal advertising functions. There’s a handy preview system for posting links with a picture already attached is really cool too. With Facebook its really easy to track your success and hone your skills of the right type of content and the time to post it.


marketing on social media instagram

Instagram is ideal for lifestyle, food, fashion and design businesses that are more likely to find a visual medium more useful to display their product or service. This will need experimentation with your market and what others are doing to attract followers to their account. This will ideally be posted too at least once a day. You can also ‘boost’ posts on Instagram as adverts, similar to Facebook.


marketing on social media pinterest

This platform hosts users that are very similar to the ones found on Instagram, which is food, design, and anything DIY. It is completely visually based so a lot of visual content is needed to populate your Pinterest page. With Pinterest, you need to pin and re-pin repeatedly to create and build up your Pinterest account and build an effective influential account. Again there’s an advertising function that will allow you to promote certain pins to a wide-reaching audience.


marketing on social media youtube

You need to have video or at least visual content to take full advantage of YouTube‘s platform. Content should be ideally shorter than 3 minutes to keep the attention of the audience throughout. This should be done once a week to keep a loyal audience. Google at the end of the day owns YouTube, so almost outrageously benefits YouTube users SEO key words and metadata for their connected websites. Keep in mind when naming your videos that it needs to directly relate to your industry and will need to be insightful and helpful.

Well, I hope this helps you make a decision on what would be the best social media to start on. Overall though a variety of social media would be the best use to successfully get your brand out there. By using third party programs like Statusbrew and Hootsuite to bring together your social media accounts. This allows you to bring your accounts all into one central location with an essay to use analytics software to monitor progress.

Written by: Dan H


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