It's Been A Busy January

For those of you who are either brave or bored enough to read our blog, I’m sorry I haven’t been on top of these blog-posts. January has been far from dry for us. It has been manic-busy. I will try my best to post every now and then and I will do a review soon on the top 10 best and worst Superbowl ads. But anywho…

So far into the new year, I think it’s fair to say that it’s been good for us. If we just ignore everything else from Brexit to Trump (at least momentarily). We’ve been busy, getting up to all kinds of ad agency things from running a new ad campaign for Kite Packaging, to producing a TV commercial for Hammonds. We collaborated with Koala TV in creating a product advert to help promote Hammonds’ new painted kitchens collection. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Hammonds advert featuring their new kitchen range (which will be featured only on Sky TV, using their clever Sky Adsmart marketing technique).

We also recently did a photoshoot collaboration with Elegant Clutter alongside Kite for another campaign that really shows off how versatile and wickedly good their packaging is. Elegant Clutter provides a bespoke, design led artwork service for numerous restaurants, bars and hotels around the globe. Now when it comes to packaging art pieces, particular those with awkward profiles, weird angles and delicate features, they need that little something extra. Enter Kite. Because even for the most obstructing piece of artwork, it seems as if Kite have all bases covered. Expect to see some of these photos (and lots more) being featured in Kite’s advertising and marketing throughout the year.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Kite’s new art gallery print ads and their packaging reimagined campaign. let us know what you think of the Hammonds commercial too. Here’s some photos of the Kite art gallery parody shoot below plus a video of the Hammonds TV commercial for its flagship Hinckley showroom.

Written by: JR

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