It’s been Rugby World Cup mania throughout the UK and across the global rugby community. Although there have been some quarrel amongst the French team about their “pas très chic” accom location, everyone was all fired up for what’s sure to be an immense competition. This month long competition has been such a rollercoaster. Lots of ups and downs, including all the Home Nations being knocked out (AGAIN!). Hell, a month ago I didn’t realise teams from the US and Japan were even competition, but you know, the clue is in the name: “Rugby World Cup” (I had a blonde moment, won’t happen again. At least not in this post).

So since this event will be going on right up until Halloween, so let’s see what brands have been tweeting in regards to the Rugby World Cup. Expect quite a long list as this event is basically the Commonwealth’s answer to the Superbowl.



I think O2 Sports wins this one, quickly followed by the Rugby World Cup association, the City of Cardiff & Dove Men+Care.

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