A N D Y O U T H O U G H T Y O U C O U L D N T A F F O R D A T V C A M P A I G N ?


Creativity is the magic ingredient at the heart of TV advertising s power. Delivered at scale, it s the biggest lever you can pull to drive advertising effectiveness. It makes brands famous, gets them talked about and boosts a campaign s efficiency tenfold.

Key Points:

It s not about shouting the loudest - hard facts often fail to deliver It s all about the classic story-telling techniques - make the brand intrinsic to an ad People are paramount - focus on human interaction Music can make an ad or break it - it works best when it drives the action Branding s in the timing - don t tell the brain it s

over too soon


Hydropool make the World s only Self Cleaning Hot Tubs, automatically filtering the water every 15 minutes. While we cannot say that the water is good enough to drink, we can demonstrate how incredibly clean it is.

This concept is a spoof of all of the spring/mineral water ads. It reinforces how clean Hydropool water is, in a memorable and humorous way. Humour is a powerful selling tool and improves recall and brand awareness far more than simple product demonstration or claim.

Our brains like to follow a story and do not like being sold to. In fact, our brains know very well when an ad is trying to sell us something and switch off when such a message is shown on screen. On the other hand, our brains like to follow a narrative - especially when this narrative uses real people (creating a more engaging scenario).

Thus, it is unsurprising that live filming and emotion-led ads perform better than information, product or price-led ads.

Television advertising. It s the brass knuckles in your marketing strategy and who wouldn t love a TV campaign to promote their business?

Research shows 85% of your customers live within just 10 miles of your location, so obviously a national TV campaign would be a pretty poor use of resources.

But did you know you could reach your customers locally with a TV commercial that is only shown within your catchment area?

Targeted to your specific Mosaic Demographic, shown across all Sky channels and only seen within defined postcodes - airtime for a two week campaign on Sky Adsmart TV starts at just £3000.