Mr Stick

INT. Classroom - Day Open on a tough looking teacher aged about sixty. He s standing very straight, with his hands behind his back, in an empty classroom. the classroom, like the teacher, looks slightly old fashioned.

[the camera closes in to a head and upper body shot.]

Teacher: Discipline. discipline and focus. in my day there wasn t even the slightest problem with discipline. Any chatter in my class and...

[He pulls a cane from behind his back and smashes it onto a desk.]

Let s just say it was quickly sorted out.

[He smiles at camera.]

It s surprising the focus a little fear can bring.

Now I understand that some of you newer teachers are rather successfully managing to motivate your classes with these

[He holds up a handful of school stickers to camera.]

you people disgust me. no sarcastic belittling of pupils. no terrif ied little faces. no gratifying sound of ruler on knuckle. Well...

[He shrugs at the camera in bewilderment.]

...where s the fun in that?

[Fade to white.]


Script for TV/ Viral video