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“Sales increased by 67%, even during the recession – pretty good for a luxury product.”


“We couldn’t believe one TV ad and just three spots could generate so many sales leads.”


“adsynergy managed to generate a months worth of web traffic in one night.”


“The response overwhelmed our call centre … and that was on Christmas Eve! Who’d have thought?”


“We had a one-off opportunity, but didn’t think they could write and produce a TV commercial in a day … we were wrong.”


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Some say that the traditional advertising agency is dead. Killed off by digital and social campaigns.

We beg to differ. And we can prove it.

We’d like to let you in on a little secret that has made our clients incredibly successful. Unlike ‘digital’ agencies, we believe that digital is not the be-all and end-all, but an incredible tool that can extend the reach of any campaign, rather than replace traditional media.

Like anything else, it’s how you use it. And we use it better than most.

To be successful, a campaign has to have depth. We look at every aspect and calculate which medium (or combination) will realise the best return on investment. The creative has what we call ‘persuasive energy’. It connects to the customer in a way that compels and motivates them, without being shouty or in your face.

We want your customers to welcome your message and identify with your product or service. By creating the right concept at the right time, choosing the medium to suit the customer, with a few left of field ideas for good measure, we can create something that is cut-through, effective and unique to you.

We create footfall, generate enquiries, change perception, revitalise brands and ultimately, increase sales. What can we do for you?



Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not a dark art.

It only requires experience, mind-numbing attention to detail and a lot of hard work. Simple really.

But it’s something we have to get right, because the greatest creative in the world can be thwarted by a poorly thought out marketing plan.

Without an effective marketing strategy you’re flying blind, unsure of how to spend your budget most effectively.

But when you get it right, it adds brass knuckles of any campaign and gives your campaign the depth and impact needed to reach every possible prospect, which in turn maximises your return on investment.

If you have a sales target in mind, we’ll show you how to reach (or exceed) it.

In fact we can show you case studies that unequivocally demonstrate how successful we’ve been in reaching targets, even one that shows 517% over target (OK, even we didn’t expect results quite so impressive).

But it just goes to show how important this element of your campaign is when it comes to producing measurable results.

We create footfall, generate enquiries, change perception, revitalise brands and ultimately, increase sales. What can we do for you?



Design. In most media, it’s the first thing that your prospect sees. It has to attract their attention, draw them in and then set a memory pattern that will allow them to recall your brand or product.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

And who are we to disagree? Whether it’s a press advertisement, point of sale, a brochure, iPad app or responsive website, the customer has to understand what you are trying to tell them at a glance.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be clever or cutting edge, but it has to be clear.

It has to be attention grabbing and it has to be unique. Nothing else will do.

Once we’ve created a campaign or brand positioning, we’ll then guard it like a pit bull, because consistency is paramount to recall.

Sure, we’ve won our fair share of awards, but what really excites is a client calling us and saying, “It worked”.

And to us, that is worth more than a warehouse full of awards.

We create footfall, generate enquiries, change perception, revitalise brands and ultimately, increase sales. What can we do for you?

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